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MoNo™ Series | Deluxe Dark Roasted Oolong

40g / 120 cups £22.00

Taste the intensity of the charcoal with our dark roasted oolong. Taiwanese wood and charcoals have unique flavour and distinctive aromatic notes on their own.

This oolong has been sun-withered, delicately dried on bamboos, heated to capture the flavours and hand-rolled, before slow roasted over charcoal wood for 24 hours (turning every 10 minutes with many breaks in between).

During our many experiments in the TwentyFour Solar HQ, we uncovered something new – our deluxe dark roasted oolong can be whisked like matcha to create microfoam. The froth is so soft and so delicate!

MoNo™ Series denotes single origin teas that represents one cultivar, from one field and one farmer, just like a single malt whisky. 


Beautifully simple brewing