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Our beautifully
simple method

  • Measure 4 grams of
    tea into hot water

    Brew in the Gaiwan
    for designated time

    Pour tea into
    Fairness Jug

  • Measure 7.5g of teas
    and put them in a bottle

    Add 750g of mineral
    water into the bottle

    Leave it in the fridge for 8 hours.
    Ready to drink


Characteristics of Each Brew

We've tested that there are subtle differences in the tastes in each brew. This re-infusion can go on as long as the leaf yields flavour. By using a fairness jug any discrepancies caused by infusion time can be balanced out and the resulting cup would taste the same for everyone.

  • 1. Fragrant

    The 1st brew is the most fragrant

  • 2. Flavourful

    The 2nd brew is the most flavourful

  • 3. Balanced

    The 3rd brew is the most balanced