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The Contemporary
Tea House

Time and again I've turned to a simplified tea ceremony to seek a moment of clarity and relive my homeland. From teas I learnt about the philosophy of “Ichi go Ichi e”, meaning we should take every encounter as the only one in our lifetime. Only by concentrating at the task in front of us that we'll be able to make this encounter enjoyable. By its essence, the way of tea is to share the moment together, consisting of me wanting to give you the best cup of tea and you receiving it with all your heart. I want you to be able to embrace the joy of Far Eastern tea ceremony without all the pomp, so I set out to simplify the Eastern way of tea.

Please enjoy a cup of tea from the Eastern Tea Houses to yours.

- Yumi Cheung, Founder

Our Manifesto

At TwentyFour Solar

It’s our purpose to inspire the world to
enjoy the traditional art of tea

Without all the pomp and ceremony.

Grown and hand picked in the Far East

We’ve simpliied
And contemporised
Our exuisite range of teas.

Keeping all the joy
Of Far Eastern tradition
But simply refreshed for the modern world.

With just three simple steps
You’ll get to enjoy an exuisite gaiwan of
single batch tea

That’ll help you pause the
complex modern world

So, step into the contemporary tea house
and reconnect with a moment of clarity.

TwentyFour Solar.

The Contemporary Tea House

  • Simplicity

    Join the movement of simplicity. We believe in the simple, not the complex.

  • Self-reflection

    We believe happiness comes from within, and the time spent on simplified tea ceremony is the best time for self-reflection.

  • Community

    Sharing the moment together is at the heart of our simplified tea ceremony. By opening ourselves to including teas in our daily lives, it bridges the gap between us and others and the natural world.

  • Love of Nature

    Our teas are all natural. The sounds of the tea fields, the scent of the teas being withered, the sunlight playing through the shrub, the fresh, clean air — these things give us a sense of comfort.

  • Modern Traditionalist

    We believe in innovating and re-imagining traditional teas - the way to brew, the way to serve, and the tasting experience - by paying extreme attention to the perfection of every possible detail.